The Design Process in Five Steps
Here are the five key steps that will happen as your website is designed.

1) Information I need to get started.

  • A copy of your logo preferably as a AI, PNG, JPEG or PDF.
  • Your brand’s Style Guide, colours and fonts (if available).
  • Hosting or Panel Login*.
  • Photos / images your already have that you would like used.
  • Current website login (if current site is run on WordPress).
  • Your website likes and dislikes (links to sites your like or hate work well).
  • Page Titles and content for your pages, bullet points are okay.

There is a lot of information here and needs to be kept secure, it is best to upload these files to a secure site such as ASANA or Dropbox depending on your preferences.

*Sometimes people are not comfortable sharing this information. But don’t despair, there is more than one option! Just give me a call and we’ll go over all the alternatives until we find a solution your happy with 🙂

2) Communications.

Communication is vital to the success of your website design project. On top of phone and email communications, I use ASANA which is a powerful online Project Management System. Here we can send messages, share files and track the progress of your project without having to search through individual emails in your inbox. Once your project has started, you’ll receive an email invitation to set yourself up on ASANA and access your project.

3) File Sharing.

Primarily we will be using email and ASANA for all file sharing however if you have more than 10 images, a large number of files, or files / images that are too big to send via email or ASANA, we will need to use an online file sharing system. This will also need to be used for confidential information such as logins. I use Dropbox and as your project commences I will forward you the link via email to a folder that I have created for your project, allowing you to upload files and images.

4) Design.

Based on information you provide and discussions that we have, I’ll create a base layout of the home page and send to you for feedback.

After fine tuning the base layout and the design is approved, I’ll proceed with the remaining pages, adding content, images and improving overall functionality.

Once we reach the final review stage, you will be able to view each page on desktop, tablet and mobile. We can make edits to each page as required until you are happy for it to go live.

5) Going Live.

This will possibly be the most nerve-racking but exciting stage for you during this project. Once you are happy with the design of every page and give the okay, I’ll go through the process launching your site. This can take up to 48 hours to happen.

I’ll notify you by email once the process is completed. You’ll receive your login credentials for the site and a link to my ‘What Happens Next’ page which has information, handy tips, tricks and recommendations for your new website that you can refer back to at any stage.

Have Questions?

Feel free to give me a call on 0427 885 103 or send me an email.