VIP Design Days

Fast-track your online presence with VIP Design Days

Want to skip the waitlist, embrace efficiency, and achieve stunning results?

VIP Design Days are tailored for go-getters who want to swiftly bring their visions to life, eliminating traditional design projects’ prolonged timelines and communication hurdles.

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Waiting Months to Get Started

Your project starts in days, not months, bringing your vision to life without the frustrating delays.

Long Timelines

A rapid turnaround, ensuring your brand transformation happens swiftly without the hassle of prolonged timelines.

Significant Investments

Pro-level templated designs without the hefty price tag, making it the affordable choice for your brand’s makeover.

Postponed Launches and Embarrassing Websites

No more delays, no more embarrassment! VIP Design Days guarantee a quick and impressive turnaround, saving you from the cycle of postponed launches and outdated websites.


Starting in Days

Be empowered to kickstart your project within days, allowing you to embark on your website journey now.

Having Everything in One Day

Consolidate your entire project in just one day.

Affordable, Beautiful Results

Professional templated designs, making stunning results accessible without breaking the bank.

Once I’ve added your brand’s colours, typography and graphics/photography, you will witness the transformation from template into your very own personalised website.

Confidence with a Strategic and Beautiful Website

A strategic and visually stunning website empowering you to showcase your brand with assurance and captivate your audience.

How does it work?

When you choose a VIP Design Day, you’re not just getting a service but investing in a comprehensive and tailored experience to elevate your brand.

Here’s what’s included in your VIP Design Day package.

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Deep Dive Questionnaire Tailored to Your Project

Before the design day starts, you’ll provide detailed insights into your project through a custom questionnaire. This ensures I fully understand your brand, goals, and vision, setting the stage for a personalised and effective design process. You’ll also get to choose your template during this stage; or opt for myself to choose one that best fits your needs for you.

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30-Minute Kick-Off Call via Zoom

Communication is key! We’ll start with a virtual kick-off call via Zoom to discuss your project, address any last-minute details, and align our vision. This ensures a smooth transition into the design day, ensuring we’re on the same page from the beginning.

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Entire 8-Hour Intensive Design Session

Brace yourself for an entire day dedicated solely to your project. I commit eight uninterrupted hours of creativity, focus, and expertise to bring your design wishes to life. This intensive session is designed for maximum productivity and ensures that your website transformation happens swiftly and efficiently.

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Two Weeks of Post-Project Email Support

I don’t just stop after the design day is over. Enjoy peace of mind with two weeks of post-project email support. Have questions or need clarifications? I’ve got you covered, ensuring your satisfaction extends beyond the design day.

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This holistic package is crafted to provide you with a stress-free and results-driven experience. Ready to transform your website? Book your VIP Design Day now!


Booking your VIP Design Day


Booking Your VIP Day - Check Availability

Find your spot in my schedule by booking your VIP Design Day. Check the availability, and let’s get started on transforming your website.


Confirm the Date and Lock It In

Secure your VIP Design Day by confirming the date and submitting payment. This ensures your dedicated spot in my design calendar.


Submit Project Questionnaire 5 Days Before

Five days before your VIP Day, submit your project details, including design preferences and any necessary information via the questionnaire. This allows me to prepare thoroughly for our intensive session.


Kick-Off Call and Day-of Schedule

We’ll kick things off with a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss any final details. I’ll share the day-of schedule three days before so you know exactly what to expect.

Design Day Progress Updates

Throughout your VIP Design Day, I’ll provide regular progress updates, ensuring you’re involved and excited about the transformation happening in real time. We’ll meet again at the end of the 8 hours via Zoom to view your awesome new site.


Receive Final Files the Day After

The day after your VIP Design Day, you’ll receive all your final website files neatly wrapped up (unless you’re also hosting with Bec.B Designs, in which case it is launched). It’s time to celebrate and showcase your brand’s new website to the world.

Two Weeks of Post-Project Support

Enjoy two weeks of post-project support. Whether you have questions, need additional tweaks, or just want to share your excitement, I’m here to support you in every step of your brand journey.

Ready to Start?

Ready to embark on this design adventure?

Book your VIP Design Day now, and let’s bring your website to life!


A VIP Design Day is $888 + GST.

This affordable package ensures swift results without compromising on quality.

What You Get

Your investment guarantees a polished website, a pro designer experience, and eight hours of undivided attention dedicated to your website build.

Want 10% off?

Combine it with one of my web care plans to get 10% off your VIP Design Day and many other services from Bec.B Designs. Check them out here.

Important Note on VIP Design Day

When you book a VIP Design Day, you’re investing in my undivided attention to focus on your priority list for the entire day. While most work is completed on the designated day, occasionally, clients may opt for additional sessions to tackle extra wish list items. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I’m committed to ensuring your website comes to life.

Payment Plans Available

I understand flexibility matters. Payment plans are available, allowing you to secure your VIP Design Day. However, the full payment must be received before your scheduled day to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted design experience.

Can you build a custom website with your VIP Design Days?

In short, yes. The investment for VIP Design Day for non-templated websites (custom builds) is $1749 + G.S.T. It is best to discuss your custom build project with me prior to booking your VIP Design Day to ensure I can achieve the specific requirements of your build within the 8 hour time-frame, or whether additional sessions may be required.

Ready to transform your website?

Book your VIP Design Day now if you’re prepared to witness a website makeover. It’s not just an investment in design; it’s an investment in your business’s success and visual identity.